Green-Being: WTF?*

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Arts Thread Global Design Graduate Show 2021 in Collaboration with Gucci

Official opening Mon at 18:00
Mon 17—21
Tue-Sat 12—20
Sun 12—18

@ Baltic Manufactory; Manufaktuuri Tänav 5, Tallinn

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Arts Thread is proud to highlight graduate projects from around the world, from Germany & Denmark through to Ecuador, Mexico, El Salvador and Georgia, Moldova, the USA and UK, which are focusing on sustainability and green design for XVII Tallinn Design Festival chosen from among the shortlisted for Global Design Graduate Show 2021 in collaboration with Gucci.

Projects range from smart materials such as Phyto printing by Luis Underitz, using light projection to control the growth of phytoplankton, to create high-resolution prints to Terracooler by Ellie Perry, which uses the natural properties of terracotta to reduce energy consumption for food that should not be stored in a fridge.

Travel is also an important topic, with a project for Copenhagen Light Rail in which designer Stefan Perriard shows how a future light rail can connect the districts with more than just transportation, acting to support social inclusion, and be a spine for everyday transportation. The Slootmotor vehicle by Gijs Schalkx is powered by local, sustainable and environmentally cooling sources.

In addition, we look at architectural projects such as the Bacteria denim factory by Yu Hin Chun that proposes an alternative denim production process to address water pollution from the fashion industry in China and The Sandwich Forum - A Timber Vertical Farm by Amber Elliott, a building that can hold all the necessary functions to grow, harvest, package and sell sandwiches to 1/5 of the city of London’s workers every week!

The first edition of the Global Design Graduate Show was in 2020 and was created as a proactive response to the cancellation of end of year student exhibitions in person worldwide due to covid. We wanted to offer all art and design undergraduate or postgraduate students a chance to be seen and celebrated. Gucci came onboard as a sponsor for 2020 and for 2021 become the exclusive sponsor for the Global Design Graduate Show.

- Text provided by Katie Dominy, co-founder / president of Arts Thread