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Baltic Manufactory tours x Estonian Centre for Architecture

L 24.09.2022 kl 12—13.30 & 14.00—15.30
P 25.09.2022 kl 12—13.30 & 14.00—15.30

The starting point of the tour is the gate house at Kopli 35.
NB! The tours are in Estonian!

@ Balti Manufaktuur; Manufaktuuri Tänav 5, Tallinn
Ticket 8 / 12 €
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The tour programme of Estonian Centre for Architecture allows to visit the Baltic Cotton Factory's massive building complex also during the Tallinn Design Festival.

The Baltic Cotton Factory - or, just Baltic Manufactory - has been one of Tallinn's largest industrial complexes, which with its more than 120 year history offers discovery to both architecture and history enthusiasts. Planning for the construction of the building began in 1898 following the project of architect Rudolf Otto von Knüpffer, and when completed, the manufactory building was one of the largest in Tallinn with its length of 230 m.

The cotton that was processed in the factory reached Estonia from all over the world - from the United States, Brazil and Egypt. The industry stopped functioning in 2006, after which the building complex has been largely empty.

Thanks to the tour programme of the Estonian Centre for Architecture, it is possible to glimpse at the fascinating history and stories of the Cotton Factory in its abandoned beauty, before the complex undergoes its rebirth. The tour of the territory of the manufactory and the building lasts a total of 90 minutes, the tours are conducted in Estonian.